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Why IndicatorLab?

AI and Data Tailored for Risk Management

Our vision is to enable investors to make personalized and risk-aware decisions with an affordable cost
Designed for Risk Hedging

Our dashboards and APIs are designed specifically for risk hedging. This intuitive platform is updated in real-time for the most recent research and altnerative data providers.

Faster and more Cost Effective

Our AI is designed to provide you all the information your risk team needs efficiently - saving you 80% of your time dedicated to risk related R&D while avoiding cumbersome data evaluation fees.

24/7 Scenario Modeling

Our system conducts time-stamped scenario modeling with regime-adaptive data aggregation. Generate forward-looking risk alerts and candidate hedging strategies.

"The current applications of AI and ML are really more of a path than a destination. For financial firms, IndicatorLab’s cloud-based AI solution mitigates the talent wars. We think that many firms who now lag in innovation will find this a reasonable long-term approach."

Dr. Philip J. Fischer
founder of eBooleant Consulting, former head of Global Fixed Income Research at Bank of America Securities

"It is often said now that we are in the eye of an AI hurricane. This is true. Managing the rate of change is now a stay in business item for financial firms."

Dr. Rein Wu
CEO & Co-founder of IndicatorLab.

"IndicatorLab’s AI platform for investment management can put the AI tech storm at their back and make firms first adopters of new ideas and different technologies at a cost they can manage."

Dr. Philip J. Fischer
founder of eBooleant Consulting, former head of Global Fixed Income Research at Bank of America Securities

“Technology is complex but necessary for every finance function. That’s why we built IndicatorLab.”

Dr. Rein Wu
CEO & Co-founder of IndicatorLab.
Designed For Risk Hedging

Smart Risk Dashboard

Our dashboards are intuitive and designed with the end user in mind. Allowing you to spend less time ingesting data and making higher risk-adjusted decisions.

. Charts provided allow users to see the past, current, and future risks of portfolio

. Backtests are conducted automatically for risk strategies

. Sentiment factors from alternative are integrated into our models for downside protection

Faster and more cost-effective

No-code Analytics

Risk-management starts with your model and indicator weighting. Our platform allows you to customize your indicators and then let AI do the rest.

. Highly customizable dashboard: allowing you to determine the indicators and weightings for your model
. Pick and choose risk indicators to fit your portfolio's needs
. Our drag-and-drop experience provides an explainable risk report compared to the old "black-box" AI solutions

Always-On Scenario Modeling

Predictive Value-at-Risk

Pro-active value-at-risk model that looks forward without assuming a specific number of historical days for reference.

. Find high probability scenarios in real-time

. Create a comprehensive hedging strategy based on scenario modeling

. Generate regime adaptive Value-at-Risk

How it works?

Step1: Portfolio Construction

Construct your customized portfolio by using our in-house proprietary rank list or directly import your own.

Step2: Predictive VaR Computation

Upon constructing your portfolio, our model with generate a predictive VaR based on risk factors, market environment, and alternative market sentiment.

Step3: Visualization & Editing

You are able to edit risk indicators to achieve target risk exposure. Once you have developed your desired strategy, the system can backtest it and generate visuals to explain your model.

Use Cases

See how our business partners are collaborating with us

Quantitative Equity Funds

We provide APIs for regime shift, regime matching, scenario modeling, risk-based asset rankings and individual ticker projections. The APIs will cover mainstream listed stocks and cryptos to allow for your systematic trading.

Discretionary Equity Funds

We provide model long-short portfolios for risk management. Our pattern matching is used to see future stock movements based on your customized risk indicators. Projected max drawdown is used as reference when adjusting a single stock position during rebalancing.

Quantitative Crypto Funds

We provide APIs for individual crypto currencies, with projected direction (trending long or short), as well as associated risk (volatility). Our risk models incorporate alternative data from large social media outlets to provide insight on retail sentiment.

Data Vendors

We aid data vendors in cleaning, evaluation and aggregating data based on  strategies adopted by hedge funds. Data vendors are invited to submit trial data at no cost to our platform for evaluation. We will then generate  “risk contribution report” to introduce potential data buyers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss further.

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